The charm of art in Veneto

Discover the art cities near our B&B in Mestre, Venice

A stay at Santa Teresa not only provides an opportunity for visiting Venice, but also for discovering the wonders of the Veneto region. Thanks to its position our B&B in Mestre, Venice makes the perfect base for visiting all the region’s main art cities, whilst taking in its stunning landscapes and opulent villas.


Treviso is a treasure trove of art and history, packed with waterways and cycle paths along the Sile river. It preserves one of the most important cycles of medieval Italian frescoes, and there are still many palaces and old houses with painted facades. It is very close to Venice, making it the easiest destination to visit from our B&B at Mestre, Venice. Just get on a train at the Venezia Mestre Ospedale station just a short walk from Santa Teresa and travel in the opposite direction away from Venice, going north. There are frequent trains that reach Treviso in about twenty minutes.


Padova is one of Italy’s most beautiful art cities. It is a sophisticated city in which visitors can admire the masterpieces of Giotto, Titian, Donatello, Canova and Mantegna. A visit to the city affords visitors a view of the stunning cycle of frescoes in the Scrovegni chapel, a walk in Prato della Valle, Europe’s largest square, and a tour of the basilica of Sant’Antonio, one of Italy’s most important places of worship. Setting out from our B&B in Mestre, Padova can be reached by train; change at the station of Venezia Santa Lucia. It is a short half-hour journey to reach Padova.

Riviera del Brenta

Inland between Venice and Padova, along the River Brenta, lie some of Italy’s most beautiful villas. They were built between the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries by Venetian nobility as handsome countryside residences. The rich aristocratic families moved to these enchanting places during the summer months to hold parties and great banquets. Today, many of these villas are open to visitors who are rewarded with the breathtakingly majestic architecture and stunning frescoed halls. The Brenta Riviera can also be visited by boat, travelling along the river.


Vicenza is another masterpiece of Italian art and is on UNESCO’s world heritage list. The style of the city is the work of the great architect Andrea Palladio who created no less than 23 monuments here. A number of extraordinary buildings are set out around impressive Piazza dei Signori and Corso Palladio. They include the Palladiana Basilica, the Teatro Olimpico theatre, the Loggia del Capitano, the church of San Vincenzo and Palazzo Chericati.
To reach Vicenza from our B&B in Mestre, Venice, just follow the same directions for the train journey to reach Padova and stay on the train for a few more stops.

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