Environmentally sustainable beauty

An environmentally friendly bed & breakfast in Mestre, Venice

When Santa Teresa was renovated to create this bed & breakfast in the Mestre area of Venice, no effort was spared to maintain the original appearance of the old country house and to preserve the large garden, one of the last green areas still remaining in town.

Santa Teresa is a bed & breakfast in the Mestre area of Venice. It has been designed to blend in with the surrounding nature and features a truly ecological approach.

Santa Teresa is proof that it is still possible to play an active role in safeguarding the environment and our planet through the decisions we make each day, the places in which we live and how we manage them.Whilst attempting to maintain the original appearance of the old country house as far as possible, the extensive renovation work to complete this bed & breakfast in Venice’s Mestre area also involved major green building measures such as the photovoltaic system for producing electricity, and the cosy Stube-style living room on the ground floor.

The many natural materials used have not only made the building more efficient but also more attractive. The refined wood used for the beamed ceilings and solid wood flooring ensures the original style of the building is left intact whilst creating a warm, welcoming setting. The natural floor and wall coverings, the furnishing fabrics and household linen all contribute towards Santa Teresa’s special charm, whilst also reducing potential sources of allergies for our guests. Our personal care products are natural or have a low environmental impact, and are provided for guests in practical dispensers that reduce packaging and waste. Breakfast is prepared using locally-sourced food which does not travel long distances before reaching our tables.

Guests are encouraged to embrace the approach of this bed & breakfast at Mestre. To do so, a short list of guidelines is made available in rooms, so that guests can make a positive contribution towards its environmental sustainability. Respecting nature also means taking simple steps, such as responsible use of the linen, water, lighting in the rooms and the personal care products provided, not to mention use of public transport for getting to and from Santa Teresa.

Environmental sustainability