The charm of an old country house

The origins of the guest house in Mestre, and the Santa Teresa farm estate

Santa Teresa is one of the last examples of a rural house to have survived the transformation of Veneto’s countryside into an urban area.

What is now an elegant Country House offering hospitality in Mestre was built in the nineteenth century as a country farmhouse, surrounded by extensive vineyards and fertile farmland.

Whilst the landscape around the house miraculously withstood the relentless progress of the town until the ’80s, in the last thirty years thoughtless urbanisation has transformed the landscape, so that only a small number of green areas still exist in the town. One of these is the copse surrounding Santa Teresa, which is one of the last bastions of nature left in the area and is home to many birds and small animals. In 2006, the private residence was transformed into a B&B in Mestre as a result of the owners’ wish to reveal the original spirit of Santa Teresa and its rural identity to visiting guests.

The outstanding architectonic restoration work attempted to strike a balance with the surrounding countryside. In doing so, it created a B&B in Mestre which is environmentally sustainable and meets green housing and sustainability criteria.

Those staying in the Country House today do not feel they are staying in a hotel in Mestre. The large garden surrounding it and the warm atmosphere create the feeling of a welcoming home set in the midst of the countryside, open to hospitality and meeting people.

History and development