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Cookery workshops

Have you ever considered learning to cook on holiday?
It’s another option open to guests staying at the Santa Teresa bed & breakfast in Mestre. Staying with us is a bit like being with your family, where you can feel free to ask for a tip or a recipe.

We invite you to our creative evenings in the kitchen in our Mestre bed & breakfast.

You can have fun learning to make biscuits, savoury focaccia, cakes, desserts, custards and crepes in company… you will also have the chance to discover natural, traditional dishes from the Veneto region. We aim to use locally sourced produce which has travelled as little as possible to reach us. Not only does it make for better dishes, but it also causes less pollution. We buy our produce from small farms, wine producers and bakeries who share an environmentally friendly approach with our Venice Mestre bed and breakfast; businesses that embrace farming techniques that respect nature, and that pay special attention to ensuring the food produced is high quality and wholesome.

Send us an email with your request. When you arrive at the Santa Teresa bed & breakfast in Mestre, everything will be ready for you to start having fun in the kitchen with us.

Cookery workshops