The creative soul of the country house

Officina di Zoe

Officina di Zoe (The Atelier of Zoe) is the creative soul of Santa Teresa.
It is a project that combines beauty with goodness and a healthy approach. It encompasses three areas: creative decorative objects (Zoelabora), culinary delights (Nature in food), essences and nature (Echoslab).

Zoe originates from the Greek word for “life”. It involves a quest, in everything we do, to respect nature as a primordial form of life and man. It is a source of inspiration for creating a more harmonious world out of items that are more attractive to look at, healthier to use and eat, and more environmentally sustainable.

Santa Teresa transforms the ideals behind Officina di Zoe into reality. The country house has been designed to create a setting where people enjoy being together, and where that pleasant feeling we call “warmth” becomes tangible. The large farm building housing the premises has been renovated with complete respect for nature, man and the history of the building itself.

Everything inside Santa Teresa is an expression of Officina di Zoe: the glass and wood objects made by hand, the food prepared with passion and attention to health, the ecological materials chosen with care for making curtains and furnishings and the heating system which harnesses the large stube stove, not to mention the natural personal care and hygiene essences placed at guests’ disposal.

Officina di Zoe